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Atlantis Crew First Spacewalk

With more than 19 years of historic and trailblazing science already accomplished, Hubble will be reborn with Servicing Mission 4 (SM4), which has began Tuesday May 12, 2009
Astronauts has used the Shuttle Atlantis to bring new cutting-edge science instruments to enhance Hubble’s capabilities.

Telescope Spatial Hubble vu depuis le sas de Atlantis

Telescope Spatial Hubble vu depuis le sas de Atlantis

At the end of the mission the Hubble’s capabilities will be enhanced by large factors and it’s expected to supply spectaculars images through the year 2014.

Today @4:12 p.m. EDT (21:12 heure française) the mission specialists John Grunsfeld and Drew Feustel completed STS-125’s first spacewalk, called EVA-1 standing for Extra Vehicular Activity nbre 1.

During the 7:20 hours excursion, the two spacewalkers removed the WFC-2 (Wide Field Planetary Camera 2) and replaced it with a new WFC-3. The new camera will allow the telescope to take large-scale, clear and detailed images over a wide range of colors.

Then John and Drew replaced the SIC & DH (Science Instrument Command and Data Handling Unit). The task of this unit is to collect information from space and upon order from Hubble Telescope Center based in Houston sending back formatted datas to the Earth.

Feustel and Grunsfeld also installed a soft capture mechanism, which will allow future vehicles to attach to the telescope, particularly to de-orbit the telescope at the end of its life.

Finally, the spacewalkers trying to install a combination of locks and latches that will allow for faster opening and closing of the telescope doors during the next EVA’s.

Here is the video of the EVA-1 :

. Full screen here

. on YouTube here

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